Before your decoration project, we offer our services to improve your well-being in your home.


We restore the balance of flows in your living space and take into account the favorable orientations of each inhabitant.

An analysis of your interior is done before the decoration project in order to be closer to your needs.


ECA 'Harmonie puts people at the center of their environment by practicing an ancient art called Feng Shui.

Each project will be the object of a detailed file bringing you the solutions answering our analysis, being articulated around different stages :

  1. Listen to your needs

  2. Observation of your environment and your home

  3. Study and analysis of spaces

  4. Decoration project with the improvements to bring : Including a set of sketches, furniture proposals, lighting and also choices of fabrics, materials and accessories.


We accompany you from the Feng Shui study of your interior to the complete realization of your decoration project by bringing well-being and refinement.






Quotation realized on request.


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CH-1236 Cartigny 


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