Because an interior wants above all to be comfortable,

the ECA signature will be mainly marked

by round seating.

Soft, comforting, reassuring atmosphere,

here are some key words of this duo of women ...

Our Universe

In spaces long thought out according to Feng Shui art, for the sake of harmony and well-being, straight and minimal lines create the backdrop.

Influences of the 18th century will then rub shoulders with comforting curves, wood, bronze and stones of character.

The whole, punctuated by touches of black and deep colors.


Here is a short description of the ECA interior architecture style, which lets by its influences, imagine wide possibilities ...

Pierre Soulages, Sol LeWitt, the Giacometti brothers, or even Verner Panton and Jackson Pollock, are these artists who feed Elodie and Marie, for an ever more stylistic research ...

Through its creations,

ECA architecture d'intérieur shows a concern for detail, requirement and refinement.

All the manufacturing of decorative elements is entrusted to highly qualified French and Swiss companies ,

in an approach favoring artistic crafts.


Route de Vallière 22,

CH-1236 Cartigny 


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