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Elodie Excoffier et Marie Corson : two personalities - one creative vision.

It all began with a meeting between two interior designers, trained at art schools in Lyon and Geneva, who having worked on luxury projects at the same studio, decided to create their own company,"ECA architecture d'intérieur".

Two visions, different yet complimentary, give rise to projects which mix clean lines, color and poetry. This out of ordinary duo's creativity fired by stylistic influences to conceive flowing spaces enhanced by a dialogue between volume, light and high-quality materials, with the ultimate aim of creating subtle and refined luxury.

For interior and exterior design and the creation of bespoke furniture, Elodie Excoffier an Marie Corson work alongside the finest French and Swiss craftspeople to respond to the exacting demands of their clients.

In the perpetual search innovation, this team orchestrates projects from A to Z to achieve a unique and beautifully crafted result...


Marie Corson
Elodie Excoffier

Interior designer and associate

Interior designer and associate

Feng Shui consultant


Route de Vallière 22,

CH-1236 Cartigny 


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